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Olivia West | Nine Months

Olivia West | Nine Months


Wow I can’t believe Olivia has been on the outside of my body just as long as she was on the inside. But definitely MUCH larger ha. This poor girl has been sick for the past week which explains her little rosey nose.


Olivia had her first appointment with her new pediatrician for her nine month checkup. She didn’t love his booming voice, but other than that she did great in a new environment. They also have a really big fish tank which she was super into. She currently weighs in 16lb 13oz (25th percentile), she is 27.25" long (35th), and her head is 17.5” (70th).


Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start table feeding Olivia. However, since she is still working through her “individual foods” to rule our allergies or aversions we’re not quite there yet. But it definitely gave me the motivation to get her onto thicker solids and varying textures. So far I’ve added broccoli, split peas, cauliflower, and cucumber to her repertoire, and she still hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like. Our goal is to have her ready for table food by Thanksgiving. She is still nursing regularly and for some reason has officially decided that her old bestie (the right side) is no longer her jam after eight months of blatant favoritism. Too funny. I honestly think it happened because of the long weekend girls trip I went on, at the beginning of the month, where I had to pump regularly. Shout out to all of you mamas who EP. It is a LOT of work, and I’m still trying to regulate my supply even a month later. Maybe she felt bad for leftie after all this time. Who knows.


Olivia’s sleeping has still been going strong now that her learning leap is over. She sleeps from about 6pm - 7:30 or 8am everyday and then naps for about 40min - 2.5 hours depending on the day. Although sometimes I’ll put her down and she just wants to chat away so I’m like okay let’s go do something haha. Toward the end of the month she started to get much fussier when we put her down for naps or for the night and we realized she had cut her first tooth!


Out of the blue as we approached her nine month mark Olivia was all of a sudden on all fours slowly crawling her way across the room. Like “look guys I’m going to crawl before I hit 9m okay?” Her best motivation is her baby sign language book (which we haven’t started yet oops). She is obsessed with the baby on the cover of it and will crawl to it over and over again. Even if she is crying, I can get that book out and prop it up and she instantly smiles and crawls to it. Her crawl still isn’t 100% a crawl, she will either move each arm or each leg and then drop onto her tummy, but she is SO close. Its sort of like right arm, left arm, splat, right knee, left knee, splat, etc. And she constantly rocks back and forth when she’s on all fours. It’s like her knees are too slippery or something. We celebrated her daddy’s birthday and visited her first (urban) pumpkin patch! She loves to sit in her high chair and play with her toys while I cook, and jam out to the #throwbackthursday playlists on Spotify. Sometimes I have to turn the music off when she’s eating because she will hula dance so hard that I get veggies all over her face.


She has become extremely vocal and will instantly repeat sounds you make or movements you make. Right now she loves to click her tongue on the roof of her mouth all day everyday. She had her first daddy only weekend while I was away and had the best time running errands and soaking up time with her daddy. I do think its so sweet though that every morning she woke up she would look for me. Ugh. She cut her first tooth the day we decided to take photos of her in her Halloween costume and the photos are both the cutest thing ever but also so pathetic. She celebrated her very first Halloween and was dressed as a turtle (since we’ve called her turtle from day one). It was pouring rain out so we decided to take her sticker-treating at Northpark Mall and she loved seeing all of the other kids in their fun costumes. I’ve been trying to teach her how to clap, and while she isn’t really clapping yet she always brings both of her hands together to her mouth over and over so she’s associating that with clapping and it’s just really cute. We’re getting there! She is still wearing size 3 diapers 6-9m clothing.  


Making her Halloween costume was pretty much the highlight of the month. I had this vision from the beginning of the year and I was so excited to have her wear it even though we really didn’t trick-or-treat. She was just so cute as a little turtle. We also early voted together as a family and were able to show her how her voice matters in her community.

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