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Olivia West | Eight Months

Olivia West | Eight Months

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Eight months! I feel like her eighth month just flew by with our big move. I mean where on earth did September go? This is my absolute favorite time of year and I am so excited to soak it up with Olivia and do all of the fall and wintery things.


Since there isn't a pediatrician appointment until the nine month mark we took our own measurements ha. She currently weighs in 17lb, she is 27.5" long, and we have no idea how to measure her head. 


Olivia is still going strong with her speed nursing. The only time she seems to have issues is during her learning leaps (right now) where she just can’t eat enough or fast enough for her liking. When this happens we tend to supplement with a bottle just to top her off and it works pretty well, and hasn’t lowered my supply at all. Win win! She still loves to eat her solid foods. We had to take a bit of a break during our move because it was just too hectic to also worry about frozen purees thawing and spoiling, etc. but now we’re back on track. She has since added carrots and sweet peas to her repertoire and LOVES them both. We’re still slowly working our way through vegetable introductions before we start on fruits, but we’re getting there.


We were a little nervous about Olivia adjusting to her new room and new surroundings but it hasn’t seemed to affect her one bit. I tried to make her room look and feel just like her other room, and I think that has really helped. It’s also nice being in a newer home with modern construction because the AC doesn’t have to blast constantly and the space feels conditioned which I think has been helping her sleep better and longer. The other night she slept from 6pm - 9am. What. This current learning leap though includes a massive sleep regression though at least for naps. She usually takes 60-90min naps and lately has been only taking a 40min nap maybe twice a day and then is just fussy the rest of the day. I think we’re finally on the other side of the hill though because she’s now taking a medley of 40min naps and 2.5 hour naps. Go figure.


Olivia has become such a chatty girl, especially in her carseat. We can be in the car for hours and she is just having the time of her life back there. She also loves talking to the photos of babies on her play gym. She’ll lay in bed and talk up a storm and then fall asleep haha. She still isn’t crawling yet but has mastered the barrel roll. She does it so fast now she may as well be crawling. I’ll turn away for a second and she’s already across the room and facing the opposite way. Girl has skills. Lately she hasn’t been a fan of her beloved activity center and I honestly think its because she rather move around and explore. She is so much better at sitting up and only topples over every now and then if she shifts her weight too quickly.


She has said her first words (or at least associates sounds with certain things). Mamamama = me, Dadadadada = anything exciting but also her dad, Ooooh = Geoffrey, and Mum Mums = boobs (she wants to nurse). We took her to the mall for the first time (SA’s only good mall is outside and that just wasn’t an option in the summer) and she was SUCH a hit with everyone. I feel like she should wear a sign that says “warning: may cause baby fever”. She’s also slowly learning how to high five strangers. She made her first trip to Ikea and would “ooooh” at all of the different vignettes upstairs. She also went to the State Fair which is pretty impressive because I’m pretty sure I didn’t go until I was like 4. We also tried out her front facing “toddler” stroller attachment and she LOVED facing forward and people watching. She had her legs up on the bar and was just chillin. She is still wearing size 3 diapers 6-9m clothing.  


Taking her to the State Fair was such a special moment. I grew up going every year and I’m so excited that she will too. Watching her meet new people is also at the top of my list. She loves being held by anyone and is such a social butterfly, which I was really worried about since she isn’t in daycare, but she is just so friendly. Except for Derek’s new co-worker Trent. She hates his guts.

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