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A Boho Baby Shower

A Boho Baby Shower

We were fortunate enough to have so many people around us that wanted to shower Baby Klepac with their love and support, that we ended up having four baby showers. One with my family and friends, one with my reps and designer friends, one with my co-workers, and one with Derek's family.

The first shower was hosted by my mom and my best friend Carrie. I'll be the first to admit that I am an OCD control freak when it comes to event planning. Luckily my mom and Carrie know this and just let me take the reigns designing the details and stationary for my shower. Don't worry, for the other three showers I was completely hands off. 


Since we weren't finding out the gender of our little one, I wanted this shower to be neutral and beautiful with lots of black, white, gold, and greenery. It quickly evolved into a Boho inspired theme.

I don't love cheesy baby showers, but I still wanted there to be activities my guests to do since no one really knew each other and I thought they would help break the ice a bit. I found a few ideas on Pinterest and then redesigned them to fit the aesthetic of the theme, and match the fonts in our stationary. Its all in the details. 

We had "Wishes for Baby" where guests would fill in the blanks to things like "I hope you learn _______" and "I hope you aren't afraid of _______". We also had a card for parenting advice. Then we had two games: "Baby Bingo" and "Mom vs. Dad". I had played both of these at previous showers and found them really fun. With "Baby Bingo" the guests were given a blank bingo card where they had to fill in gifts they thought I would receive, and when I opened that item they would mark their bingo card. With "Mom vs. Dad" I made a random list of funny things that Derek and I both said or did as kids, and each guest had to guess who said what. For example "Who's first word was kitty?" Hint: It was me.  Or "Who could do the splits by the time they were five?" That one was Derek. Fun right?


I wanted the decor to feel timeless and sophisticated rather than "baby-ish". I incorporated black and white baby photos of both Derek and I that I edited and printed using Parabo Press. I tried to keep the greenery simple by only using two different styles of eucalyptus and a bit of rosemary that I placed in clear mason jars and tied to simple wood embroidery hoops. It smelled amazing!


For the favors I made bars of lavender + vanilla soap for my guests to take home at the end of the shower. I wrapped them in parchment paper and a craft paper sleeve that included the ingedients and a clever little message. 


Carrie made all of the sweets that were served including this beautiful naked cake. Fun fact: she also made our wedding cakes. That's actually how we met!


It was such a fun event, and a great way to catch up with so many of my friends new and old. Baby Klepac was already surrounded by love from the very start. 


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