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gray + navy = gravy

gray + navy = gravy

Now that we have the front yard landscaping, privacy fence, and hog panel gate out of the way there is only one thing left to do. Repaint the exterior of out little bungalow. Now don't get us wrong, we actually really liked the mint color, but the rust colored screens and railing weren't really working. And honestly, the mint had seen better days and was peeling up in several areas.

We knew that we wanted to go a lot darker, something really moody and modern that would be a nice contrast against our cedar fence. So after zillions of paint swatches, and taking our fan decks around town to color match some local shops that we really liked, we finally settled on the following colors. 

We both use Sherwin Williams on most of our projects at work (and with our trusty designer discount) using it at home was a no brainer. For all of the paint bases we used SW Duration Exterior paint in a semi-gloss finish, since it is known to hold up over the years against the weather and also fights off mold and mildew (and semi-gloss is great against rain and general cleaning). For the overall paint color we chose SW Sea Serpent which is sort of a dark grey / navy or GRAVY as I like to call it. For the trim we wanted a nice bright contrast so we we chose SW Extra White. For the porch ceiling we wanted to keep with the traditional style of our 1930 home and used SW Porch Ceiling Blue. Legend has it that this color keeps wasps from nesting. Derek had this porch ceiling color at his old King William house when we were dating and there were never any wasps, so here's hoping! For the door we wanted something fun and punchy and went with SW Funky Yellow.  

We had every intention of repainting the house ourselves, but the intense amount of prep work is what held us back for so long. There were a lot of areas on our clapboard siding that had rotted through and needed to be replaced. Several boards were warping due to water damage and the house shifting over the years. Old house probs.

With everything going on with my family and with us both working full time jobs, we knew we had to call in the professionals for this project. I know. it went against every bone in our bodies to not do this ourselves. But if we did attempt this on our own, we were doomed to face the next 12 weekends scraping and painting. And let's face it. It's over 100F out.  So after meeting with several different painters, we ended up going with FraVa Services. They were able to start within the same week and their team immediately got to work with the prep portion of the project. Lots of scraping, power washing, and caulking. We requested that they caulk in between each board because let's be honest, we have no idea when (if) that has ever happened. And we are slowly trying to seal up this house.

Disregard my poor sat on cactus. I bet he only did that once!

So. Much. Scraping.

Things like this were replaced. Lot's of bandaids on this house, let me tell ya!

Since FraVa was more of a general contractor than a painter, we also had them repair this big fat bandaid of a roof in our backyard. What in the world. Oh and more scraping.

We also had them replace the posts holding up our Leaning Tower of Pisa porch roof. 

We had them use a tinted primer since the color was going to be so dark, which was SW Exterior Latex Wood Primer. We requested that two coats of primer be used since there had been so much exposed wood after all of the scraping. 

After everything was primed twice, they started with the actual color. Oo la la!

Meanwhile, as the painters were doing their final touch ups, Derek was busy painting the front door SW Funky Yellow. He removed the hardware and carefully taped off the windows in the door, and used a foam roller, which only took two coats. 

Okay and now for the very best part. The before and afters!

Why yes, that IS our front porch separating from the house. More on that later. Back to the pretty afters.

We still need to repaint the back door, but we can't decide if it should also be SW Funky Yellow or stay white. 

Okay let's get one last look at the front. Ahhhhh SO much better right?

We plan to eventually replace the railing and columns because curly-q's just aren't us, but that will be much later on when it gets a little cooler out.

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