As I'm sure many of you have heard through the grapevine (you know, the proverbial grapevine AKA Instagram) that the Your Modern Couple we have all known and loved is no more. There was a mishap with our hosting company, and as of February 2015 all 6 years of our posts have since been deleted. I have cried many tears over this the past few months, I'm not even going to try and pretend that didn't happen. I mean.. I think what upsets me the most is that Derek and I literally started that (this) blog the day we started dating, and it basically chronicled our entire dating, engaged, and married life (thus far) everyday for 6 years. Over 700 posts of DIY projects, recipes, Friday Finds, Awkward & Awesome Thursdays, Wedding Wednesdays, and all of that jazz. It's kind of like I lost a very well organized and cherished diary that I wrote in every single day. Something for our children to stumble upon down the road and think, wow our parents were so cool (okay, dorky).

But I've come to terms with the fact that those posts no longer exists. And that the only thing to do is start fresh. So we bring you: Your Modern Couple 2.0. It's kind of like and iPhone 5s vs. the iPhone 5. It's pretty much the same, but also kind of different. It looks the same, but it's better, faster, and stronger. It will also make your friends want to upgrade their phones before their eligibility date. Wait. What are we talking about again? Okay let's face it, this blog clearly looks different than it did before. So, it's not really like an iPhone at all okay? I tried. 

When I made the announcement last week via Instagram (and my personal Facebook), I received an outpouring of support from past readers, who were all just as equally sad as I felt. So many people came out of the woodwork to let me know that they have missed YMC, and it just reminded me of how many people we have met because of this ol' thing. Some of our best friends (#klekindas) were just mere acquaintances until this blog brought us together through wedding planning, and now we are inseparable. We have connected with so many readers, fellow bloggers, and have even been recognized at Target by a local reader while I was waist deep digging through a clearance bin of Christmas garland (scariest/weirdest/most amazing experience ever). All this to say, it has been an incredible experience and we aren't ready to see it end. 

Remember when we bought a house and then teased you with a few updates and then literally disappeared for the better part of a year? Your Modern Couple 2.0 is here to make up for that snafu. We have SO many projects to share with you guys from our first home we purchased a year and a half ago. We promise to ease everyone back into the swing of things. 

Who's ready?