One Shade of Grey

One of the first things that we like to do when we move into a house is to slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Since this house was a rental for so many years, every wall was covered in glossy white paint. Now I love me some white paint, but the gloss just had to go. We get it, it's wipeable when it's that shiny, but we don't live in a doctor's office. 

We wanted to keep it light and bright, while still giving the walls enough contrast to allow for all of the trim to pop a little. So we went with Benjamin Moore's Perspective color matched to Valspar's Ultra Premium paint in a satin finish. It is seriously the perfect grey. And it only took one coat. Hallelujah!

We started with the living room, behind a bookshelf in case we messed up or didn't absolutely love the color. Lucky for us, it was just what we wanted. When we first applied it we were a little scared because it almost looked white, but once it was dry it was the perfect shade of grey. When we paint, we like to tag team each room and each person has their role. I cut in all the trim, and Derek rolls. It's always been that way since 2009. When we met. And I made Derek help me paint my apartment. Now we just need to repaint all of the trim bright white because the oil paint has definitely yellowed over the years. That will be a much bigger task for sure.

 Mr. Snoozin' and Treats

Mr. Snoozin' and Treats

I just love how bright each room feels, and how the walls just pop against the freshly stained floors. We decided against having every room a different color for once, and carried this color throughout the whole house for the most part. The master bedroom and bathroom will be a little different. What can I say? Old habits die hard.