Southern grown. Desert Inspired.

Founded in 2009 by husband and wife designers, Klepac & Co. strives to bring simplicity back into living. With both of their design backgrounds, along with Catharine's attention to detail and Derek's woodworking skills, you will find beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces to add a sense of warmth and comfort to your space. They love to travel to west Texas where they are inspired by the desert skies, native plants, and slow living. These qualities come through in everything they put their hands on.

Klepac & Co. originally started as a lifestyle blog called Your Modern Couple that the couple shared when they first started dating. This blog quickly evolved into what you see today. Several moves, a proposal, a wedding, several publications, and a rescue dog later and now Klepac & Co. is home to custom furniture, event planning, and design build services.

C A T H A R I N E   K L E P A C


Catharine is a Registered Interior Designer working downtown at a prominent Architecture firm in San Antonio. She continues to work with freelance residential clients through Klepac & Co. Etsy shop during the evenings and weekends. 

She loves to go thrifting for vintage finds every chance she gets. She enjoys flipping furniture, hot yoga, taking their rescue pup for long walks, hunting for the perfect cappuccino in the city, dreaming of the next road trip to Marfa, tending to their cacti, and hoarding pillows.


D E R E K   K L E P A C


Derek is currently sitting for the ARE to obtain his Architecture license while also working downtown at an Architecture firm based in Austin. He is extremely skilled at space planning and visualizing the three dimensional volume of a space down to the finest of details. He contributes industrial custom planters and hand drawn house portraits to their shop, and also creates beautiful custom furniture pieces for clients all over the country. 

He loves building furniture, playing golf, cycling, woodworking, cooking out on the grill, watching documentaries, playing with legos, binge watching shows as a family, and trying to cope with the fact that he'll always be second fiddle in the eyes of their dog.


G E O F F R E Y   K L E P A C 


Geoffrey Klepac (#geoffreyklepac) joined the family in April 2013 and basically runs the show. He is a rescue Jack Russell - Dachshund mix (we think).

He enjoys long walks through the fluffy grass in Monte Vista, removing all of the sqeakers from his toys, squeaking said squeakers all day and night, getting his BarkBox in the mail, his BFFs Karl and Sophie who are both four times his size, squealing like a pig while running through the house after his bath, anything made of paper, going bye-bye in the car, his sweater, acorns, rubbing his face on the laundry room rug, and riding in his car seat to the farmer's market.