The Story of our 1930 Bungalow

In January of 2014 we officially became homeowners for the first time. Considering we are both designers full of opinions, finding the perfect place to call home was a bit of a challenge. After 3 months and over 120 house tours, we finally found a sweet little 1930 Craftsman Bungalow. We wanted an older house with some character that needed a little bit of love. There were countless homes that were either too finished, or not finished enough that we had to pass up because they just didn't fit the bill. Oh you have a house with brand new granite countertops? Pass. Oh half of the walls are down to their studs, and you are still wanting an arm and a leg? Nope. That kind of thing.

We had some difficulties closing on our little Bungie, to say the least. 3 months of difficulties to be exact. The seller lived in Austin and she had been using it as a rental for the past few decades, so clearly there were some items that didn't pass inspection and needed to be negotiated. Mix in the holidays, add some inclement weather, and that about sums it up. This wasn't an ideal (or typical) experience when buying a home, but it was a learning experience to say the least. 

Here are the photos that we took during our final walkthrough. 

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